Integrity, Diversity, Leadership


⦁ Husband, Father To Three Daughters and Recent Grandfather
⦁ Proud Sixteen Year Resident of City of Vaughan
⦁ Experienced 25 Year Information Technology Manager in Manufacturing Sector
⦁ Community Fundraising for Vaughan’s New Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital, Vaughan Tornado Victims and Vaughan Women’s Shelter
⦁ Vaughan’s 12 Year City Hall Watch Dog For Accountable and Transparent Government

Why I am Running For Council

⦁ Vaughan Needs A Fresh Start On Sustainable Responsible Development
⦁ Vaughan Needs A Fresh Start On Traffic Management
⦁ Vaughan Needs A Fresh Start On Preserving Our Green Spaces and Tree Canopy
⦁ Vaughan Needs A Fresh Start On Financial Management and Ethical Conduct

My Vision For Vaughan Residents

⦁ A city where the residents needs are brought back to the forefront
⦁ A city where the voice of residents means something again
⦁ A city that values its diversity as a strength
⦁ A city that is held to a higher standard for integrity

For further information on how you can help Richard bring about structural change, please email [email protected] or call 647-883-0606.

richardlorelloName: Richard T. Lorello
Phone: 647-883-0606
Email: [email protected]



Richard Lorello